Some more clothing options

This game has amazing cosmetic customization. There’s like a lot of shoes, shirts, and pants you can choose to wear and you can upgrade them however you’d like but it wouldn’t hurt to add some more clothing articles

  1. Running Shoes: During the 80s, everyone and their mothers had running shoes. The most known ones are New Balances 574s, Nike Air Pegasus from 1983-1989, Air Max 1, Reebok, etc.
  2. Low Top Basketball Shoes: High top Jordan 1s, Air Force 1s and Adidas Forums were very popular but that didn’t mean people didn’t use the low top versions. It would just be a cool alternative from the high tops we have in the game.

  3. Tuck/Untuck toggle button: There’s a lot of photos from the 80s where the shirts are usually tucked in. Now the shirts do show the belt a bit but it would be nice for it to be completely tucked, like the flannel shirts. Instead of being a french tuck, it could toggle to a full tuck as well.
  4. Take off Jacket option: I know Sweden is cold, but there’s people in cold countries that go out in shorts and a tank top, and I just think it’d be cool to take off the jacket.
  5. Nike Bruins: This is really specific and not necessary but in the free clothing packs, we get Marty McFly’s full outfit except for his shoes. They are Red/White Nike Bruins and I want to complete the fit but I would understand if it was unnecessary

Rather than more clothes I would like to have them have special abilities.

Crafting for the special abilities is ok, but there is a lot which goes lost by that.

Once you found all clothes, you still can find them and pick them up, but it doesn’t change at all.

I thought about something like in RPG, where you find similar clothes multiple times but each with different values or specialisations.

I think it could be fun to find for example different helmets with different values for bullet resistance or even fire and shock resistance, or shoes with different values for speed, jumping boost or fall damage resistance.

Would you wear the ones you like or the ones that protect you more?

I would be more excited to find so many different items instead of crafting my favorite set of clothes to maximum… And that’s it.

By that you could maybe even find different qualities of gas masks.

And yes, again, if you found all, you have all. But it would stretch the fun of looking for something new instead of unlocking (not even finding anymore) receips for crafting and than crafting everything to maximum.

And you would change clothes more often.
It would also be cool to be able to share clothes in this case… One more argument for coop, but against laziness traders (which don’t play, to get everything but trade to get everything and then play).

P.s. And a greater collection of clothes could even give more options of course.

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Kobe Bryant shoes :grinning: with a 60% Jump Boost

Sorry to say but Kobe’s shoes were made like late 2010s

Marty Mcfly already visits us, his Time Machine is a barn in the game, Marty already brought us Experimental Weapons from the future, he can also bring us Kobe Bryant basketball shoes from the future :+1:

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Marty Mcfly is somewhere on the map riding his hoverboard :+1:

Did he even bring us the machines or their AI from future?!

At least…nothing to discuss in this topic.
Let’s stay at clothes and similar… I would like to see functional backpacks, too. They could also be something like a clothing item which grants different weights for carry capacity.

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I like the backpack idea. Having a varying carry weight or a much bigger bag would be nice. Granted I get the poor kid is already carrying a soldiers full ruck sacks weight and that some don’t want it higher to prevent hoarding. I just want it bigger so I can adventure longer before I gotta sort. This idea would allow that and add style. It’ll add a visible representation to allow others to know your carry weight woes too :grin: This way the team can tell if they have a mule player who might be able to carry the 1 item they want but can’t hold at the moment.

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Yes, but in my idea the skills for more carry capacity would be dropped.

So in the end we could maybe carry higher weights than now, but that would just depend on the size of the backpack, and how the devs would add them to the game.

Example sizes:

  • S: 5kg
  • M: 10kg
  • L: 15kg
  • XL: 25kg
  • XXL: 36kg
  • experimental: 50kg (just as rare drop by reapers or some procedual missions, for example)