Some mulitplayer bugs (console) (XB1)

1 Despite not having the speciality if a player in you game has the ability too loot ticks the player who doesn’t is still able too yet cannot gain any resources.

2 Tank body’s floating off the floor slightly after death.

3 Hunters flying into the air.

4 After killing machines and then respawning at a safe houses sometimes the body’s disappear? This has only happened to me once. This wansbt just hunters.

5 Field Radio fast travel marker not appearing until you die a second time.

6 After killing a tank sometimes the body dissappears (rarely). And you can still hear the wirring and noises these noises don’t go away after resing or leaving the region.

7 Sometimes while throwing fireworks or grenades they dissappear after throwing them.

That’s all of the bugs I’ve found while playing.


I usually host and only have 1 other person playing with me.

Heyo, please use this template when reporting bugs. Points 3, 4 and 6 are acknowledged issues already. Cheers.