Some screenshots I took with the new Photo Mode

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Photo Mode, people saying that bugfixing was delayed because of Photo Mode (which is dead wrong!) and so on. I for one love the Photo Mode and have been playing around with it for a bit. Really shows how beautiful the world of GZ is.


Looks beautiful. You should try to get one with a robot in it.

I did:D it’s kinda hard to see in the small version, but in the third picture, there’s a Hunter lurking in the mist. You can barely see its lights. This image gives me the creeps


PS4 user getting withdrawal systems, Nice job!
The last night I played before the update I was up north on my way to the broken bridge, literally I looked behind and I had about nine hunters after me, that’s what i’m Going to try and capture.

Oh no! I didn’t want to trigger you :frowning: I know it sucks that you guys can’t play. I really hope they resolve the issue ASAP! :slight_smile:

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No worries, It’s definitely a feature i’m Looking forward to though, i’ll Be trying to get some good battle shots in with team mates posing as a hunter gets wrecked, if we can.


Lovely pictures. It is such a gorgeous open world playground that’s been created for us. And you are right, that third picture is really creepy, but it’s that atmosphere that I absolutely love about this game.

@Tim : I played last night on PS4 and really pleased to say that the issues that were preventing me from playing the game have been resolved in 1.06.