Some suggestions


I’ve also posted this on steam but figured i would post it here too and finally register to this community/forum.

  • Clear/Defend missions
  • Machine behavior according to damage
  • Different mobs
  • Switch ammo on hold
  • Change character in game
  • Skill revisit

Clear/Defend missions

I would like a reliable way to get XP with my secondary and tertiary characters. I would like warboards to offer clear/defend missions in certain POI’s that are not safe houses. When activated a certain mob spawns there that i have to clear or when activating a checkpoint mobs come running in and i have to defend against these mobs. These missions would be local to the area of the warboard and refresh so i can keep doing them. This opens up a use for traps/static defenses (even crafting) on the defend missions and most importantly something to do other than roaming about and doing missions.

Machine behavior according to damage

I’ve mentioned this before and i’ve heard it mentioned before. Damaging certain components could change the behavior of the machines. Even if these components are tiny targets which would require skill to shoot and take out. For example completely destroying a leg piston would disable a dog’s ability to dash or run erratically. Destroying the gun servo on a tank would lock the gun in place and force the tank to turn to shoot me.

Different mobs

Currently harvesters spawn with one type of guard (same class dogs). I would like to see them spawn with hunters and even a tank escorts. Giving the higher difficulty it should reward you with a better drop chance. Add a proxy based check or something, if harvester is killed with x amount of x difficulty enemies in proxy increase drop chance by x (or something down those lines)

Furthermore i’ve only seen mobs of one type (with the exception of harvesters). I would like to see a few hunters with dogs roaming about. Especially on the higher difficulty areas.

Switch ammo on hold

Basic QOL, hold reload to switch from FMJ to AP ammo. Would increase the fluency of gameplay.

Change character in game

Straight forward switching character in a safe house.

Skill revisit

Some skills are underpowered compared to the alternative. For example 10% damage increase on single shot vs the same damage increase on automatic fire. I would obviously go for the automatic fire since the DPS would be far greater. Decrease recoil is much better suited for automatic fire since that’s where the recoil is relevant. Decrease weapon sway while the specialization in that tree eliminates it is a useless expenditure of a skill point. IMO you can solve it by removing prerequisite skills and substituting it with a skill points required type progression. Every skill in a category (combat, survival, …) would require x amount skills spend in a lower tier to unlock either of the skill on that horizontal plain (hope i explained this correctly).

On a side note: if you got for a skill system overhaul pls have a way for us to respec even if it’s just temporary between 2 patches.

I thank you for taking the time to read this.


The idea to switch characters at safehouses hasn’t been brought up but is a awesome idea to add to the fluidity of online and solo play, all in all great feedback @Qe5rt!


I think double-tapping reload is probably a better option if they’re going to reuse an existing button on the consoles, and a completely separate key would be nice on PC.

If you are ignoring hit percentage, then yes, but if you actually factor that in to your DPS calculations (and you should), then the single-shot bonus is better once you get past about 10-20m range unless you’re dealing with a tank or harvester.


Sweet, well written too good ideas. I’m simple but i like hold to switch Ammo.


I took the higher hit percentage into account, intuitively i agree with you but in practice i find it to work differently. While on my sniper build i consistently hit the weak spots with maybe only a few misses it takes longer to kill pretty much anything when compared to my spray and pray character. The recoil on even the AK isn’t bad enough that you can’t compensate for it with mouse movement (i would understand that it will be more difficult with a controller), at least that’s how i feel about it. You can still take the recoil reduction on a full auto build and SMG’s have compensators.

It’s probably worth a separate discussion but i would like to see more damage on single shot weapons as a skill as opposed to the current one. I feel like i’m avoiding more battles with my sniper build while with the spray and pray i’m running around like i’m the doom guy and they’re just devil made machinery. Until i run out of ammo, which doesn’t happen on my sniper build.

But, as said, the skill tree alone is probably worth a discussion on it’s own. If it stays the way it is i’m ok with it.