Some thing to find machines with?


First off I always am looking for a fight and combat in generation zero but my problem is it’s hard to find machines effectively without running around the world for a few hours. I am thinking that they add where you can rig the relay beacons to pick up nearby machines when they pass kind of like a proximity alert thing. It would really help with finding machines. And there can be symbols on the map that resembles the relay beacons and they make a loud noise when machines are detected and the symbols for inactive beacons will be just like a tower beacon and active beacons will be the same with little sound bars coming out the side. Just an idea.


I can’t believe you find it hard to encounter machines, the little b****rs are everywhere. Go to a location they commonly hang out like the FOA facility, windmills or airbase, or even any big town.

I spend most of my game avoiding them!


Just follow the stomping sound :wink:
I kind of understand your request if your like to fight machines all the time. While doing missions you are guided towards machines, but when roaming the land afterwards, there are certainly quiet periods between occational encounters. I like that balance. I find that the larger villages usually have a tank or three with entourage on guard so just jump between them if you’re looking for a fight.


Thats the thing about generation zero you can play it however you like to. Also @IanForce thats my current way of finding machines but it only will find me tanks and harvesters and also you can only hear the footsteps if your pretty close to what’s making them


The area around Bockhyttan has always been thick with Military Machines for me. It seems to be some kind of gathering point for Harvesters, yesterday I fought 6 of them at the location, along with 2 Tanks and numerous Hunters and just about everything else.

I’ve nicknamed the place ‘the bulwark’ since they seem to guard the most accessible entrance to the Mountain Region. Start out at Angerås Church.


I’ve come across a lot of red containers along the shores, on lorries, in storage facilities, all filled with ship-shape runners ready for battle. First I thought a mission would require me to eliminate them all. If you shoot one the entire container blows up … so keep your distance. Anytime I approach these containers I expect the machines to come to life and attack me any moment … so just think if they did? Then you would always have a place to go and fight machines. A tank could be guarding them as the cherry on the cake :blush::robot:


Like when you set off on the bicycle? Talk about laugh - he went off ahead of me on his bike and thirty seconds later he was running furiously in the opposite direction chased by four Hunters. He went past past me in a blur and hid beside the water while I hit the Hunters from the back…


They were going to steal my bike!


Maybe map overlay influence cloud, what would roughly give idea where robots are. Only after when you have finished last main mission.


And if you’re looking for machines, use the little bell on the bike. Garanteed to attract and/or upset the machines. Tried it last night for a laugh. It ended up to be for a slaughter. Machine wrecks everywere and my medkits all but gone. Hard work but a lot of fun. Though in general i too avoid attention when i can.