Some things I would love to see

The option to have a auto sort for the inventory.
Auto stack ammo attached to weapons
Have a “performance mode” “graphics mode”
Further optimization for consoles (large fights lag and slow down way to much to enjoy)
Add bullet tracers
Ingame graphic options
If your in a town/village you should be told how many loot boxes are in the area and if you’ve searched them or not (just like the “weapons” “missions” “collectibles” add “loot”)
Ingame shared storage (at each safehouse add a safe and anything you put in that safe will be accessible at all other safehouses)
Add a cheat option for consoles that allows players to go through the game doing whatever they want at no cost. Kinda like a creative mode, but for killing robots. (God mode, unlimited ammo, spawn guns/enemys) just to have fun for the people who dont have the time to go through the story to get to the good stuff

I would love it if you could add some of this stuff. I think if you implemented it right it would make the game 10x better.

I love this game and I want to see it get better


they used to tell you how much loot was in each area but removed it a couple of updates ago.
I am glad that they did, sometimes the boxes were generated in unobtainable spots (lighthouse windows) and you could never actually get them. then you always had it displayed for that area that you did not get everything.

I understand that. It’s just I dont remember where I’ve been half the time because the places are so big and I would like some kind of indication if I have “completed” a area of all its loot