Some thoughts for attachments, etc


Can the Holy Hand Grenade do what it did in the movie?
'Once at the number three, being the third number be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe to bloweth them to tiny bits

Ideas for grenades:
Fragmentation (frag) or shrapnel grenade
Flash grenade to blind robot for a short amount of time
Concussion ( like the ones that some hunters fire)
Or maybe the player could find items to craft a molotov cocktail

Some idea attachments for weapons:
Laser Pointer
Under-barrel grenade launcher
Bipod (Sniper rifles only)

Just some thoughts


I’d love if the ACOG was an actual ACOG sight, and not a Red Dot. And vice versa.


Frag grenades are what we technically already have, it just doesn’t get very well modeled. Flash grenades would require that the machines are actually affected by glare, which they pretty demonstrably are not at the moment (though having that aspect would be a great addition to the game). Concussion grenades would be awesome though.

As far as weapon attachments, I’d rather not see a laser sight added, they don’t actually do much IRL other than help with initial target acquisition when hip firing, but you have a reticle in the HUD for that already (also, they . The under-barrel grenade launcher would be awesome, but they weren’t super common back then (you usually had a barrel attachment for that purpose and had to fire special rounds from the gun itself to launch the grenade). A bipod would indeed be nice.


Agreed to a certain extent. If they were going to be accurate, they’d have to be a lot more uncommon than they actually are in game, ACOG’s have always been expensive, and were largely just military hardware back then.

I find it interesting though that not only is the reticle not modeled correctly for an actual ACOG despite the patterns being readily available online, they also used the actual ACOG branding, unlike pretty much every other piece of hardware in the game (ACOG is actually a registered trademark, at least here in the US, just like Glock, Mauser, and Walther (all of which they actively avoided in game)).


Maybe the company has a license for acog from some other game. This is the first game from Avalanche for me.


Again Just some ideas. I guess I was looking more at modern warfare then back in the 80s.:confused: