Some thoughts... The Apocalypse is freezing!

So I’m deep in the grind. I have a collection of experimental weapons (yay!), some special ones and some other ones.
The new island is fun, the apocalypse machines are are very grumpy indeed (and nuclear waste?), the side missions are entertaining (if a little sad because of all the dead people)…
So, um. There is what I can only describe as an embarrassment of riches. Lots (and lots) of ammunition. And guns (which I already have). Please note, this is emphatically NOT a criticism - the game is hard enough as it is, and the ammunition is definitely needed.
I have read some excellent posts regarding the inventory, and I wanted to note that I agree with them. I am struggling with balancing the backpack with ammo/first aid/lures/emp. The safe house storage is perhaps a little small, is definitely clunky, and lacks features that would make it quicker and easier to navigate.
I have made good progress on the learning curve, meaning I don’t die as frequently as I used to (or at least I didn’t until the machines started firing depleted uranium rounds at me!). If anything, the machines feel more vindictive than before!
Another thing. I am strongly in favour of being able to respec the skills tree. Following a bunch of bad decisions, I have painted myself into a corner.
The only other thing is the doors that are locked, but cannot be picked. Are there keys anywhere for them? There is a readiness storage area 030 and all the doors are locked. :confused:
Other than that, and pending a level cap increase, this is a great game! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


It’s great you’re enjoying it.

If I had a tip about the item management, it would be to keep only a couple of different emergency items that you use in the box, and fill it up with whatever else you like. Use freely whatever you have at the time in regular inventory where appropriate. More items will keep coming, so you could easily get away with say, one stack of 5x flares, and just top up that single stack. Small EMPs stack, the largest does not, so you could make do just using small or medium, depending how quickly you go through them.

Strategies like this make managing inventory a little easier because you’re just making small top ups for a reasonable base structure instead of trying to manage a warehouse and predict the future. Trust that more of the same loot is coming, and use tomorrow as your storage box. That said, I think you’d enjoy hoarding the black and perhaps brown ammo in the safe house.


The Readiness Storage buildings you come across can be lockpicked open. They often contain ammo and supplies. The main island has even more of them, especially in military bases.


Well said. It took me a while to have the courage to throw out things that were rather rare for me. On the other hand, I did not build traps as often as others. More often a tank blew me up together with the stuff I put on the ground. :laughing:

And the better your weapons get, the more comfy you will be making due with what you have on you and find on a day-to-day basis. Makes more space for all the shiny gold weapons you collect. :wink:

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Maybe he means one of the Beredskapsförads?

Beredskapsförråd literally means ‘Readiness Storage’.


I thoughts so. “Bereitschaftsvorrat” in German. But those you do not lock-pick, right? I thought you were talking about those little cubicle huts.


That might be experience, @pegnose. I restarted last night for an experiment, and I found amongst other things a canister and a flare. When I went to pick up the rifle, there were three stubborn dogs patrolling, and even feeling fragile I lead with the flare, put the canister by the dogs, and dashed into the house to explode the canister. Resisting the urge to hoard for later helped me out a lot. Later I’ll have better gear. Right now I have a rusty pistol and a party pack. It’s the right time to be burning the specials.


For me, everything else is pure useless clutter except ammo, health pacs and adrenaline shots.

I tend to keep only 3 guns on me (experimental .50, experimental AG4 and 5 star AG5. Every gun with top tier attachments) and rest of the inventory is health and ammo.

Going to replace the AG5 with Kvm89 when I find a 5 star one.

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Not enough storage? I’m not convinced that my weapon/ammo balance has changed since the introduction of the Plundra. I got on perfectly well before it. I simply keep things that I would otherwise have thrown away. If the Plundra were in only one Safe-House that you had to choose, I would be perfectly happy with that, or none at all. The very last mission of the DLC is the only time I have seriously made a dent in the Plundra, and then only because I have had to play it three or four times on the trot as it keeps resetting halfway through.

I have space in my inventory for five weapons, and cannot see the need for another (and possibly only four since I never use a pistol).

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My game is going into crazy mode. Eight Rivals have just spawned in under 20 minutes :scream:


What the frick!?

(adding a couple more characters)

They’re just coming to bring you presents for Jul. ^^

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Now we just need some super deadly Jultomten class Tank to deliver those presents at 24th.

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