Something about lights

Hi everybody. after a recent update, I found a mini generator with a flashlight that blinks red and most likely it’s Morse code, maybe I’ll leave a photo. let me know if you know what it is

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I’m pretty sure that’s just a runner head. Sorry to break it to you. :slight_smile:

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It has been there as long as I play the game (more than a year). Maybe it always was there. So it’s not new due to the latest update.

Maybe someone knowledgeable in Morse code could decipher?


Wow, I didn’t see or notice this yet.
The most interesting fact is the location.
Is this a teaser of that this isle in the north east will be part of an upcoming update or dlc?

My thought exactly :wink:

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Very nice find. Maybe if someone made a video of it, they could watch frame by frame and write down the dots (short) and dashes (long). It seems to start or end with an extra long light on. I am not versed in making video’s, wrong generation I guess.

An old/young navy signalman might recognise the pattern.

Not the true translation


Daylight of course :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I tried using this app but it struggled a lot with reading dots. I’ll try it out when the sun sets.


Yeah, It’s hard. :rofl: I was tested in the navy if I had the natural skills to become a “signalman / morse operator”, but I failed miserably and that was 48 years ago when I still had the Mind reflexes and focus of a young God. :coffee:

But it’s cool that there is an app for this. Waiting for night time then.


Did that app read light signals?

There’s an apple app that actually reads the light signals called “Light Conversation

But I haven’t got an I-phone.

So far translating by eye, I feel the first word is “Urgent” if the long dash in the beginning means start of message

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Wow I’ve not seen this, really interesting am really hoping for a new island​:v::fire::fire:

I was there today, is this Morse or just the battery shorting in water ? I hope it’s morse :joy::v:

Better video:

The app spills out just a bunch of gibberish :expressionless:

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maybe but their are more so maybe we need all of them to get something like a puzzle