Something for Solo Players


First for anyone who says this game is NOT for solo players, or is to difficult for solo players, etc etc etc doesn’t know how to play a solo game. Most people who play solo want to rush a game, run & gun those are not solo players. That said…I have been playing games SOLO since games started. I have played games on just about every console possible, but I don’t play multiplayer, or online games at all. I have played CO-OP with my late gf but that’s about it. I tried multiplayer with some long time friends in a game we all love but nope. I play my games slow, methodical & I will explore every possible inch of the game map possible & I might even do things 2 or 3 different ways to find a simpler way to avoid a major fight.

Now I do have a bone to pic with the Devs…in your controller layout you WASTE ONE BUTTON for the “EMOTES”…well I am sorry I am a solo player & don’t need them & I do think there are many many people out there that might think as I do. But instead of having the EMOTES…why not have that button be a WEAPON WHEEL. I know from talking to most people who play the game, we call carry multiple weapons and the only way to change them is to go into the INVENTORY, change it & by that time you could be dead, unless you are in a safe location. If you make the EMOTES button, a WEAPON WHEEL you will have the ability to change weapons in a matter of seconds.

Now you can also keep it the EMOTES as well just simply have a selection on the pie wheel the EMOTES and select it & up pops the EMOTES selection wheel and both problems solved and available to everyone.

But for me as a solo player its a wasted button on my PS4 controller and for you its much easier than changing the entire controller matrix into a customizable one and will allow both solo & multiplayers the ability to change weapons faster and for those multiplayers the emotes are still right their for useage.

Hope this helps & boy I would love to see that changed…its a pain running away just to change to a different weapon other than the 2 I already have select.

There are allot of other little things which I am sure make those people who say “this game is no fun as a solo player”…but actually for me they are the things that make it fun. You might simply want to change the add for a solo player as a strategy tester, because you wanna run & gun solo well I have a perfect place for your grave with a beautiful sunset every night on the map. I don’t like the idea of solo scaling…use the overall difficulty & add one more lower lever for those solo players that think it’s too hard…I have been playing this entire game so far at the medium level…but that is me…that is the way I play…not the same as maybe another…plus I am more patient…yea I screamed & yelled in the beginning until I figured out what was needed…but I think the only draw back is your timeline…cause sorry no one will keep the kinds of weapons you come across in the beginning of the game…lol lol…they’d be in the trash…oh by the way…keep up the great work…but relax too…


I think this idea is awesome as I have played solo since I started and I have never used emotes. Also the changing of weapons has always been a bit annoying, and it would be great if this idea was introduced. For example, it would be cool to have a pistol that you can change to a bat quickly, if there are runners around.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tip. it’s really helpful


I am like that too, sir.
My primary goal is to survive, no matter what or how…

Well, sir, some think it is “cool” to have all clothes and show these off, as well as their emotes.
No clue what that will do for the game, but well…
Gotta please’m all, I guess?
Thingy Ketchup said this somewhere I think.

I think, sir, it might be more interesting, if all versions (like PC has) can rebind their buttons?
And why not combine keas, like… uuuuuuuh… crap, sec, need to look this up lol…
R1 or L2 or whatever the keys be called with another button.
Many a game do this, nea?
Seems, at least to me, a quite simple and logical solution?
Thoughts, sir?

For me, that’s the only way to go.
Tried it a few times, but the people usually do not mind dying and such, which I actually abhor.
But to each his own, sir.


Great idea, I mainly play solo too, love to have a quick access for all my weapons


I see what you are saying about the controllers as some games you have a choice of layouts…where if you play solo there simply could be a solo layout…but the problem there is that should be available to all players not just solo. I think the EMOTES need to be demoted to maybe a trigger function where if you hold the button you get the WEAPON WHEEL and if you tap the button the EMOTES pop up…something of that nature…

The comment about playing solo was a cut at the critics…I have played every possible game solo. There was only a couple of games I ever played CO-OP and those were on my PS3 with my late gf years ago. But since it’s only been me that’s partly why I stopped playing some games because they made the game pretty much impossible to play unless you used the game AI or played online…such as COD did…but that’s simply my opinion…but at my age, playing online isn’t something I care to do…age, generation, tactics, just enjoyment, are and can be a big clash…