Something I've noticed

I’ve used the SG for a while for the aforementioned purpose of kicking over FNIX tanks, but its a main attraction may indeed be payback, after having been flechetted by hunters once too often. :smile:

(I’ve traded it out to make room for the LMGs for the time being, though I’m only moderately impressed by those so far.)

Hi guys. I’m with you lot on this. The DEV team have given the Doom-Mongers almost everthing on their wish-list, but they are losing the confidence of the Immersives. I think we might need to do a joint petition letter… I have my jury for my Diploma in eight days, and will be fcused on that, but I’ll think about it in the meantime and write something down when I’ve passed…

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Count me in, @Bootie.

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Noooo! I want to know what you said! Tell me, tell me!

Nothing nice, which is why he removed it. A sensible decision.

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Now you make it sound like it was an insult to @Bootie, which it wasn’t.
I was wondering why Bootie had capitalized “DEV” like it was some sort of initialism, and shot for a humorous guess at what it might mean, and then threw it away because it wasn’t as funny as I’d aimed for. That’s all.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(Let’s just add some more of these for full-blown paranoia.)

I saw it in various states of editing and can confim.


PC game does not work on Windows 7 64! Nothing has changed!
As crashes so and crashes 3-5 mines!

@karl.marks.94 Cross-post one more time and I’ll have you suspended. Last warning.

You computer just sucks bro. I can run this of my old 2003 DEL laptop.

What? What do you mean?

This is kind of rude and therefore uncalled for.

I’m sorry how is this uncalled for?

I don’t know what generation you are, but for me this is rude behavior. It is no nice tone and I don’t like to read such things in a place I usually enjoy being at.

Only one thing to say to since it seems this is your first time on the internet. That thing is “Okay Boomer”. I mean cmon bro. What generation I’m from? The internet isn’t always so nice. Besides you generation are the ones that left less money than your parent left you for the first time in years and then you crashed the stock market. So yeah… Just please refrain from talking to me again. Any more comments on this thread will be ignored by me from here on out. Bye and have a nice die boomer! :grin:

Oh man, I loved that game!

Unless he’s secretly your dad, he doesn’t owe you the stock exchange. Take it up with your parents.

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Oh god… I hope not.

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Thank you Ennui. You just made my day happy again. (By the way, he won’t stop harassing me on all the threads I’m on. He is so angry he keeps going at me on all my comments. LOL)

Glad to hear it, though it will seriously ruin my reputation. :smile: