Something that could be added to the game

Hello Everyone, dear Developerteam,
I just had some ideas for new game content.

First of all: everything written here is my personal opinion and I don’t want to force someone to accept my view of things.

  • New Granade type: Molotov Cocktail
    Just a new granade type for fire damage over time

  • Switchable Charackters ingame
    The idea was to have a radio station in every hideout, where you can switch between your
    charakters without loggin out.

  • More Charakters
    I just want to create about 3 more charakters to use every specialisation and every weapon,
    It’s just the way I play the game.
    I my view this lvl 31 limit is good so you have to choose what you want and not being a one man

  • New ammonition for the Rocketlouncher
    I had the idea about a high velocity rocket that has 4 times the damage of a normal rocket but can’t
    be stacked so the max damage per inventory would be the same but you could deal more damage
    per shot.
    And this ammo type could be more difficult to find.

So thank you for your attention and I am sorry for the bad english :smiley:
I am excited to hear what you guys think about my ideas.


That´s a great Ideas for the game

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thank you very mutch :slight_smile: