Sorken barcodes not dropping


I’m on the mission “War board-Sorken Bunker”.
Instruction tells me to kill machines for barcodes, but no matter how many I kill around the bunker, no codes will drop.

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I have tried to restart but no change occurred. Have already gained access to the bunker while playing coop with my son, but when I switch to solo, the bunker is locked, and no codes will drop.

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Xbox series X

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In the past many who had issues to get the key cards just fought nearby soviets machines, but that shouldn’t be the case for sorken bunker, just for north coast and marshlands.

Machines from the nearby control point, if it’s a FNIX Base, also shouldn’t drop key cards.

I would try south/south east of the Bunker, but just FNIX machines… In general runners drop the Key cards.

Sorken is the command bunker in the farmlands at the start of the game. Have tried to kill machines all around it. I believe this to be a bug related to the fact that I already have access to the bunker on my sons account, but can’t get it on my own. Devs have stated that progression while playing with other players should be fixed, but this bug seems to be active. It is really annoying, as it totally annihilates all game progression from this point on.

Did you just get access to the bunker in your sons game or did you also unlock the safehouse there?
Maybe you could try to go there in your sons game, leave the game and open your own world.

I don’t believe it works, but it’s worth a try.

Thx for the suggestion. I’ll try that one. Must admit though, I haven’t played the game much since this came up as it’s pretty much a gamebreaking bug. Also it’s a bit alarming that noone from the devs have given me an answer, to let me know this bug report has been noted.

Only thing I can think of is to find someone who unlocked the Sorken bunker safehouse, so they can open the locked doors. But I don’t know if that will work or who needs to be the host, since I never played multigame, but I guess the one that has not yet unlocked the Bunker safehouse.

Other, but rigorous, solution is to start the game with a fresh save, and do all the missions solo, because I think most problems are caused in multiplayer.

And always make regular manual copies of the game save, so that if something goes awry, you can load a previous save, and only loose a bit of progress.

@SR_Carni For the devs: maybe make barcodes craftable.
Or make secret bunker entrances that circumvent the scanning doors.

Thank you for the input.

I’ve had cases were barcodes were dropping when I didn’t need them, :slightly_smiling_face:, but it doesn’t ruin the fun, I just picked up all 30+ lol, and continued moving about with what I was doing

Yeah… that’s basically what I try to do now as well. The area with the bunker has a 100% completion ratio so maybe I don’t need it. I’ve started cleansing the areas further ahead for machines. I’ll see what happens when I continue.

Just discovered a Fenix base… and guess what. I need the Sorken base to start attacking them. I had my so join my session to see if he could unlock my bunker like one of you suggested. No luck. I’m starting to have serious doubts about this game, given all the bugs I encounter, and the fact that I’ve had no official answer from devs on making a bug report. Maybe I placed it in the wrong section of the forum. My only option now is to start from scratch, and that really pisses me off…

Why do you need sorken bunker to start an attack on the FNIX base?!

Because of the building blocks mission.

Building blocks is much earlier, directly after leaving archipelago region, which just has vesslan bunker.
Sorken is next to boo deep in the farmlands.