Sorken Command Bunker Safehouse

Possible bug? Stuck in the safehouse at the Sorken Command Bunker.

When I loaded a saved game, there was a red door behind the door opening to exit the safehouse. The door will not open and states that it is locked. There is no other way out of the safehouse except to fast travel.

It appears that this is game-breaking, as I cannot get to the warboard.

It happens in all bunkers at the moment sometime. Fast travel from and to will fix it.

Fast traveling from and to does not fix.

I think he means fast travel out, and go in the way you came, turn the power on and access warboard. I am just about to reach sorken bunker so, we shall see if that is what he meant

This isn’t working for me. The three steps for turning Sorken power on are generator switch, read engineer’s note, turn on compressor.

I can only (re) turn on the generator. The other stuff doesn’t work and I am locked out of the War Room and safe house.

Fortunately I did reach the War Board earlier and am not locked out of the next missions.