Sorry about steam reviews!


I for one LOVE the game! But looking at the reviews it doesn’t seem a lot of people are playing more than 45 minutes to really get INTO the game. Most of the complaints are about things that are IN the game and they didn’t even take the time to find out about!

  1. Too much ammo (you’ll BE NEEDING IT for sure, no such thing as too much I found out!)
  2. Team spawn too far away (destroy an antenna to get a radio for spawning to team!)
  3. Same kinds of enemies (so play more than 30 minutes and explore, they’re out there!)
  4. Bugs and crashing (what game has NONE of this at launch for the size of the game, and at half the price? IT WILL BE FIXED!)

I just can’t believe people are reacting this way without learning about the game…I’ve seen so many of the same comments and all I can think is “IF YOU PLAYED THE GAME, YOU’D SEE ALL THESE THINGS ARE THERE!”.

Just know there are people that absolutely love the game and are having a blast! Thanks to all who have worked/working on it!


Yeah, I hope they don’t listen to the people that want to make the game more difficult by making ammo and resources scarcer. You will easily go through hundreds of rounds, mines, grenades and gas bottles once the battle gets going, not to mention aid items. Especially when playing solo! If anything ammo should be more plentiful. Like finding complete 50 or 20 rounds cartridge boxes in ammo crates. I find it pretty unrealistic that a locked military storage would have just a couple of mixed rounds, a hat and some make up. XD


whoops lol, oh well… luckily loot is being revisited constantly, so the way it is now doesn’t have to be permanent :slight_smile: