Sort Inventory Stacks Alphabetically

Hello everyone,

Though only mentioned passingly in comments, please have items sort alphabetically in each given inventory stack. It is not much of an ask. This simple addition would make navigating the inventory system consistent and make finding items easy and predictable.

To those of you reading, if you want to see this feature like this post so the developers see it. If you have anything to suggest related to this feature or want to further expand upon it comment below.
~ Vatruvius


The developers can see the topic regardless. We encourage discussing a topic rather than just leaving likes, as that’s no guarantee a feature will be added sooner. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a sorting feature either.

Honestly? This is a feature that should have been baked in. It was even a problem with things like the clothes back when we still had the grid inventory. But, of course, it’s worse now that it makes a mess out of both the stash and our actual inventory.

I agree, any kind of sorting will help!

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I am really surprised that something basic like Alphabetical sorting is not in the game. It is such a pain to scroll through all your gear to find the duplicate items your hiding in your stashbox. or looking for that one item for you SMG. Even if they don’t sort by rarity, at least alphabetically.

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I too would like to see a sorting system put into place. But instead of alphabetical, by weapon type. With rifles first, all the same rifles in order, the assault rifles, MG, SMGs and the pistols. Last being rocket launches. Then the ammo also all grouped together with the rifles, the AR, MG, and so on. Then next column needs health top, things that go boom and then flares and noise makers.

The scope column needs to be renamed to “Attachments” and then sorted by, extended mags, barrels, scopes and optic add ons. With all the same thing together so you know at a glance what you have and how many of them.

At the very least, stop the bouncing around that happens now. When you pull out a scope that is two down and a IR attachment is just below it, that order should stay the same. Not all of the sudden you don’t see the IR attachment but a barrel or mag for other weapon.

My logic is that a larger mag is needed more than a more powerful scope and so to upgrade a weapon get the extended mag first, then the right barrel then a scope and and attachments. Example would be you find an AG4 Level 6. You will want to see if you have/grab a level 5 mag, the extend barrel- or whatever, then a 1X4 or 4X8 scope and then the IV/OPV dual view attachment.

The way it is now you scroll and randomly find the attachments and even if you pass the IR attachment and think it is close to the top or bottom, when you pull the barrel the IR jumps to a new area in the column. So more hunting and scrolling to find it. Verses just scroll all the way to the bottom and slowly scroll up. That is if you have a lot of different stuff in the scope column.

Once the double size lockers becomes available this is going to a super big pain in the rear if a BETTER/ANY sorting system is not done by then.

Since I have played for more than a few hours I have refined what I carry and store and keep it small for ease to find.