Sound bug with headphones

Hello I have a big problem with the game when I launch it and I am in the menu with my headset connected to my PC (bluetooth) the sound works correctly but as soon as I launch my world the sound is good and it takes one or two seconds then it cuts out for a second and when it comes back the sound is very bad, it crackles a little and is saturated as if I was hearing it from someone else’s microphone. What I don’t understand is that when I play to the game with the speakers of my PC I have no sound problem and I don’t know how but I have already succeeded by playing with my headset with a sound that worked correctly. I already tried deleting and reinstalling the game but it didn’t work. In addition when I return to the menu the sound stops and becomes normal again (sometimes) and when I return to my world the sound stops again and becomes disgusting

Sounds like steam or your os settings interfer.
Maybe someone else has more experience with that. I don’t use Steam/PC.

What if you mute all your microphones? Any change?

No I downloaded the game with Xbox (the app) and I already muted all the microphones

If you use any sort of that fake surround sound that basically every wireless headphones use try disabling it.

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