Sound + Fps Bug (XBOX ONE)

This bug has only ever occured for me twice but has only occured after Landfall, im not sure how to recreate the bug but my best guess is switching between weapons in a low fps environment creating an overlap which plays continuously, however, they seem to correlate as when I reset to stop the noise the fps had increased which is the case for multiple sound bugs I’ve experienced. However by far this has to be the worst.

Ontop of that this occurred in the mountains region and the other time just outside the crater in the farmlands region, which from my current gameplay perspective is filled with spawns and Soviet v FNIX fights which makes it a chore to even approach them, for as soon as I’m within a couple meters of these places my game will drop from 60 to around 14fps, something I thought to mention as it is really harming my experience as I love this game and the crater is a really cool place. And lastly, (which I have already seen alot of people report) the crashes are constant here on Xbox and have almost no correlation to eachother. I’ve had crashes out of the blue even in the quietest areas, so I cannot help in terms of recreation.

I was playing single player with nobody else on the game with me.