Sound when found an shelter


Hi, i would love to hear a sound when you find a hideaway, like when you get ep, or something else in game, (when finished a mission or something)


And why precisely?
I mean, these show in your Compass.
Merely trying to understand, sir…


There’s an on screen pop up when you unlock a safehouse. Or, you just want an audio cue when you get close enough to one for it to show up on your compass?


there is just a message, but it would be better with music, as with the experience points


Aaah, OK, I get it now, thank you.

Sadly that will be enforced on players, no matter their feelings regarding this sound/music.
To me, it’s darn immersion breaking, and for some reason, the Devs seem to dislike optionality, or at least ignore the request for it, thusfar.

Still, I do not want to deprive you of it, so… +1. :slight_smile:


And I was so sure that there is a sound for that.


Yes;)Sound like you’ve opened a ammo box)))


I thought there was a sound when the notification popped up as well.


I thought so too, but didn’t want to say anything. It’s like a door sound, isn’t it?