Soundboard? Downloadable sounds?


There are so many interesting sounds from the game, especially the different machine sounds! With that being said, would it be possible to get a soundboard or turn some of the sounds into downloadable clips for notifications and texts sounds?


Record the audio and transfer files to phone :grin:


Quality wouldnt be as crisp as if it were raw files. :slight_smile:


What if you screen capture with audio upload to drive and convert to mp3


That could be an interesting workaround. We will have to test it tonight and see if it works and what the compression would be like


personally i wouldnt try to just take the sounds as the team may see that as copyright stuff, they may have worked hard to make them just right and spent many hours. just a thought.


Absolutely! That’s why I wanted to feature request before anything else. :slight_smile:


Could you imagine making an alarm noise on your phone put together with the different machine noises? I would probably have nightmares :slight_smile:


My friend @Kmoney059 picks on me for how much I hate ticks and how I freak out…

So it now needs to be his ringtone to FACE THE FEEEAAARRR hahaha


i have almost every machine sound in the game check it out


record it through audacity. the sound quality is pretty good. however i dont know if the sounds are copyrighted. would anybody know if the sounds are copyrighted?


Yes, they are, by Systemic Reaction (new name of Avalanche Studios). Just like everything else which makes up GZ.

18. Intellectual Property Rights

Avalanche Studios Intellectual Property

You acknowledge and agree that all content, design elements, and materials available in the Game, for example graphics, logos, designs, characters, objects, environments, worlds, icons, scripts and service names (“Avalanche Studios Content”) are owned by Avalanche Studios and/or its partners and licensors and protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and/or other proprietary rights of Avalanche Studios and/or its partners and licensors.



shouldnt that link be removed , and the youtube vid be flagged for copyright, just a thought