Sounds Haunting You, Like a Ghost, Following you Wherever You Go



Sounds haunt the character. Sounds of fire, explosions, electricity, gun reloading and others will get stuck playing and play continuously as you move around, even through fast traveling.

There are other ghosts too. Ghost Tanks and Harvesters that aren’t really there but their sounds are, and they have a spatial location, you can get closer or further away and the sound reacts correctly, but there’s nothing there. Usually happens around a house, particularly where there was a Tank or Harvester that you killed.

Steps To Reproduce: Play game, it happens every time I play.

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Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: 1



Heyo, the ghost sounds of Machines is an acknowledged issue, one that I’ve reported a while ago and hope to see fixed soon.

As for the other, this is the first I’ve heard about this. Is it like an echo, or is it the actual sound effects playing over and over?


I’ve seen ghost floodlights from machines as well. Deep in a forest in the mountain region I saw a tank floodlight but no stomping sound. I ran there and observed thus sourceless light beam emanating from a point in the air. While I was watching it, it suddenly disappeared.


Spoopy. Very Spoopy Indeed.


It’s the sound effect playing over and over - like the reload sound, just on repeat, constantly, no matter what else you do. It doesn’t impact your ability to do anything though. Same thing happens with environmental sounds, from electric boxes, fires, etc. It’s happened a few times across various games and restarts. Seems to happen alongside the glitch where you try to use a medkit and hit yourself in the face with your gun instead, if you’d experienced that one…


Tots spoops. Tots spoops indeed.


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