Southern Fiskebäck goes nuts


When moving around in southern Fiskebäck look northward.

Steps To Reproduce:
Move the char to the southern area of Fiskebäck, walk around and look at the (partially) disappearing and reappearing houses and surroundings.
I’m not sure if I entered a wormhole to a parallel dimension or a FNIX experiment involving black holes has gone wrong.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mats.

R5 2600, 16GB RAM, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit

P.S.: I’m not sure whether this was reported earlier but I couldn’t find anything. If you, dear mods, find the fitting, already created thread please merge.

It’s a known issue. Something to do with terrain changes, I think. I reported this internally a while ago, I may have to poke someone about it again. I realise, it’s probably not a huge priority issue but, still feels like something that could be looked at in the near future.

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