Soviet Distress Call

Signal from a Soviet Mi-26 transport helicopter

  • “Mayday! Mayday! Gator 4 splashed!” garbled static with two other voices in background “Four out of the six injured! Requesting evac!” Long pause “Gator 4 to Gator actual do you read?” Long pause “Gator 4 splashed! Gator 4 splashed! Mayday! Mayday!” - Call Ends

(This is my first attempt at making a story in this game. Thoughts?)

Pretty good
Maybe a mission desc. would be like:
“A soviet assault crew examining the islands was shot down nearby. Maybe some of their troopers had weapons, or there is some undamaged supplies on board?”

Aight. Thx for the feedback.

More soviet based missions in the northern areas and farmlands would be awesome.
I would like one that details the ill fated skirmish between the citizens of Boo and the soviet recon team.

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