Soviet DLC Concept Robots

I haven’t drawn them because i cant, but i have alot ideas in mind. Here are the concepts
Title: Operation Red Dawn


Bear(russian version of tank)
12.7mm twin machine gun
40mm rotary high explosive grenade launcher(60mm/70mm if higher class)
40mm rotary incendiary grenade launcher(high class)
Sickel(coated with radiation poison if higher class)
Hammer(charged with shockwave blast if higher class)
EMP stomp(Higher class only)
Speed:medium(fast when running)
Behaviour: very aggressive
Special abilities: overloads the power systems and making the machine gun receives 2x fire rate buff for 10s/continuous fire of grenade launcher for 7s

Skauter(russian version of seeker)
Behaviour: Attacks on sight (aggressive)
Weapons:7.62mm Light Machine gun
mini-missile pods
Special abilities: shoot a tracking round on player causing it can let other robots detect the player from far away

Badger(russian version of hunter)
Twin blade
Back thrusters
Electric punch
High-Fire rate 7.62 machine gun
Grenade launcher
Speed: very fast
Behaviour: aggressive
Movement:in a pack of 4-5
Special abilities:
Shoots a beacon to the sky to call in backup(for the leader of the pack)

Tetrarch(russian version of harvester)
150mm mortar(200mm if higher class)
80mm rotary mortar
70mm rocket pods
30mm autocannon(higher class)
Speed: slow
Behaviour: passive-aggresive
Movement: alone(average chance of moving alongside badgers)
Special abilities: able to call in 2-3 Badger pods(4 if higher class)
Very massive radio array

Keep in mind that i wanna keep them have a very similar look to the original robots but with more aggressive, meaner and scarier look

Also they could add a experimental Railgun(not the pvg) that uses Core ammunition

Weapon name: Railgun T-9
Ammunition: Core
Ammunition type: Ray core, Thermal core, electro core and Hydrogen core
Ray core is just a high velocity plasma railgun ammo
Thermal core melts because of the very high temperature
Electro core frys electronic (like EMP but with damage)
Hydrogen core is a nuke round(super rare)

Thats all for now, if anything new I’ll add it.

Feel free to add suggestions

I would very much like to see an image of what you think they would look like.

I would, but im still learning

This sounds very cool, I’d love to see some rough concept art of it as well! :+1:

Hmm, if I have time maybe ill draw something. I like the sound of you’re descriptions.

A concepts chat might be a really fun Idea and quite beneficial.