Soviet Uniforms

Seen as they are already in the game via dead soviet soldier’s corpses, I feel simply porting the uniform pieces to the cosmetic list wouldn’t be very hard. It would also go well with the soviet weapons pack.

Any thoughts?


There are many military uniforms.
But not even a swedish one (with emblems).
If those would be added, why not others, too?

Oh and it would be nice to have an outfit with a soviet exosuite.

Or even better, I suggested it some time ago, to have some apparel with unique abilities, especially for the FOA exosuite, the FNIX exosuite and finally the soviet exosuite.

But in my eyes that goes along with some general changes for apparel and making some of them as attachable items (helmet with bullet resistance, Gas masks as useable items instead of an apparel, different coloured and customizeable flashlights, exosuites with special abilities, and much more).

The only proper military uniforms i know of are the Military Jacket (and its counterparts) and the Experimental Jacket (and its counterparts). The Hazard suit and Resistance pieces could also be considered, but i don’t think they are especially military.

Yes, there are 10 different experimental jackets and 6 different military jackets.

I wouldn’t consider the recolors of the uniforms to be different uniforms. As nuch as i like the diversity of camo choice, i still feel more uniforms would go a long way. Maybe put some U.S uniforms alongside the Soviets. Both have corresponding weapon packs, and their place in the lore.

I never read about even a single american foot on Östertörn.

Nevertheless, until now there was obviously no intention to represent specific factions with their detailed uniforms, except the resistance apparel.
I wouldn’t mind that much getting more uniforms, but not just a soviet one.

Please no US uniforms


The swedish uniforms should be reworked to look more like they did in real life.

I would like to see a Soviet bot armor suit like we have for the others(FOA & FNIX). I know at present they are just cosmetic but I enjoy having a visible representation of completion of tasks so another can tell your experience in game as soon as you meet face to face or get team inspected.

You can give your character a title. These titles can represent the progress with the challenges.

But either having an apparel, a title or a weapon(-skin)… it’s just a “can”, not a “must”.

Finally it doesn’t matter that much. It’s a cooperative game, not competive. So you need to work together and also should talk to each other.

If you still want to have a sign of the progress/experience of a player, take a look at the players ingame profile. The higher the prestige count, the more he/she did finish.
XP values, character lvl, skills,… don’t count that much. At least on PC they can be modified by mods/cheats.

I think you guys forget sometimes that the game is tailored towards PC. While you may find players willing to type to communicate on consoles it’s mic or emotes. While the title is nice it’s not what I meant when I said visual representation. No one on console that I’ve seen is rocking a hacked game save either. That’s purely PC as well. Not that it isn’t possible, just not worth it. As you pointed out it’s not pvp so the cheaters relegated themselves to games they find more competitive. Surely you would agree content is more then just a new target to eliminate. It must expand challenges and rewards for them as well so ideally the community is great for brain storming and quite often I find neat ideas here. I know the devs do as well.

I agree, it would be nice to see the Soviet uniforms made available. Both the standard Soviet Soldier’s uniform, and the Soviet Exo Suits that Tereshkova’s unit had. I’d love to see them in more than just the one color scheme, but it wouldn’t be necessary—the FOA Exo only comes in the one color scheme, if I remember right, as do other ‘unique’ challenge/progression reward items, etc, and I at least could live with the Soviet uniform color schemes as we see them on bodies here and there…

More detailed, proper Swedish uniforms would be cool, but it seems like the devs do prefer to keep things a bit generic to make things more flexible—Swedish troops, Resistance guys, etc… If anything, more than focusing on just the outfits of infantry soldiers, I’d like to see a bit more variety in other areas. Air crew/pilot, tank crewman, maybe. We have Police, but what of firefighter, paramedic?

As for other NATO/UN forces uniforms, lore-wise, US would make sense to see—surplus camouflage fatigues and the like, dropped in with the weapons to supply the Resistance… Wouldn’t need to be too detailed, just a few new US/NATO/even UK camouflage patterns in different color schemes, right in the same collection with the normal military jackets and pants.

Bit of a necro, maybe, but just wanted to show support/expand.

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Thread necro exceptions include if you bring something new to the discussion. :+1:


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