Soviet Weapon Pack on XB1

Dear Dev Team,

is there a chance to see the “Soviet Weapon Pack” on XB1 as DLC in the near future ?
I (and many other XB1 player) would appreciate your effort to help our game experience on XB1…

By the way: " I really have to say that you did a fantanstic work on this game!"
I hope to enjoy more content (DLCs and updates) for Generation Zero on xbox one …

Thank you!

N ey tiree


Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

I will hazard a “YES”, there IS a chance to see the DLC in the near future, but it might be a slim chance.

The Resistance update is on its way to xbox, i wont guess when exactly, but they are working on it.
You can read about the progress (and other genZero news) in the blog; link below.

I may be mistaken here, but i think that the weapon pack may be linked to that resistance update, meaning that when the Resistance update is published on xbox, the DLC will probably be available too.

Your bang on, it’s been asked on stream twice to my knowledge, and addressed here. I believe Pontus confirmed it was tied in with Resistance content as a whole, so yeah - we must wait.

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Great to hear…!

At my opinion, games like Generation Zero ( titles which are developed by smaller teams) , don’t get the respect and support by the gaming community.
This is a pity!
Generation Zero perfectly shows how much fun and enjoyment you can get out of these “non AAA+ games” !
Not the name or just the graphic/ animation make a great game; it is the gameplay and the idea!
Both is done well in Generation Zero!
So, I would like to support the DEV Team; going forward to spend some money on DLCs…

Keep your head down and Bon Chance!

N ey tiree

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Well that’s a very honest perspective and feedback. Next dev letter will be due at the end of the month, though realistically - it’s going to be August before any traction on Resistance update happens.

Yeah it’s kind of annoying having the set back because I keep hyping myself up for the update and then it breaks my heart to hear in the dev letter another delay. Fingers crossed minimal bugs in the update though!

Lets give the DEV Team time for the update…
You know: "An early release, where the player is used as beta tester, and the game (update) will be slaughtered by the “kiddish” community!
-screaming blue murder!!!

I hope for a nearby release; and for the game I hope for few bugs…

Lets the DEV Team do a thoroughly test phase; and stay patient…

I cross my toes and fingers!

N ey tiree