Soviet Weapons Pack 2

Serious feature request right here. The Resistance still struggle to find or at least make new weapons and tools to fight the ever-evolving machines. Then they manage to find one of Soviet stockpile they haven’t notice earlier. It’s some of latest weapons meant for Spetsnaz operatives.
These weapons are:
RLG-29 heavy rocket launcher
RPK machine gun
KS-23 4 Gauge shotgun
VSS Vintorez suppressed sniper rifle, that use the same ammo as AT-WAD

I would like to see another Patch with more domestic weapons. I feel like currently this game has too much weapons from other nations thats just ending up on small island clusters…

So more Swedish weapons.


Yea, Id personally would like Swedish ww2 era weapons like the. 20mm Carl Gustaf m/42, AG m/42, KG m/37 a Swedish made Browning Automatic Rifle that we made into a Machinegun I think this is a good ballance