Soviet wolf acoustics


In my opinion the wolf has a lot of sound issues. It only makes sounds when you approach it (or it approaches you) and is less then about 100 m apart from the player. Every other machine can be heard almost miles away. In addition the surroundings sometimes almost completely absorb the sounds of the wolf. The wolf is the only machine where this sound issues appear.

Steps To Reproduce:
Fight a wolf around a building and have the building be between you and the wolf.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mathilde.

R5 5600X, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit
Drivers and OS up to date; I use Nvidia Studio drivers


I’ve been experiencing this issue since Landfall, it’s very odd because normally the sound design is really good

But apparently that just doesn’t apply to wolves and wolves exclusively