Space blanket, improve stealth mechanics

Small idea. :slight_smile:

Robots do hunt us pretty mercilessly and pretty much when you are cornered inside building, there is no escape. Except some military bunkers which has more than 1 exit, and enough distance between them.
And current stealth techniques are pretty limited, crouch and that’s it. You can use lures to escape or induce a fight.

Give us space blanket

Not any link to reality, but for game mechanics allow us wrap space blanket around us hide from robot sensors. This has been invented on 80’s, so this tech is on time frame of the game.
Only while crouched would this space blanket work. Moment you stand up, jog, sprint or fire any weapons you would be detectable again.
Stay low, hide and robots would disengage from combat. Giving you opening to escape silently or surprise strike again.

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Many houses have two doors, front and back. Several houses also have balcony door (one or two) which can be used as an escape route. And some houses even have 5 doors with one balcony door (big luxurious home).

For the houses with only 1 door and no balcony door (there are some) sprint out of the front door and leg it. Though, Run Speed lvl2 is a must. Also, Stamina Amount lvl2 and Stamina Recharge lvl2 help a lot.

You can also wait it out inside the house, but that requires you to sit tight without moving and where machines aren’t able to see you (e.g inside bathroom, door closed, crouched and not moving). Waiting it out takes quite a bit of time (like everything else when using sneak tactics). But as long as machines can see you through the windows or hear you moving around, they won’t give up.

Biggest threat while hiding in the house is military hunter since it can and most likely will gas you out (especially on Guerilla difficulty). Chances that harv or FNIX tank being so close to the house where they use their gas attack, are slim to none. Also, harv/tank gas attack doesn’t fill the entire house, like military hunter gas mortar does.

For your idea and as far as i’ve read about that space blanket, that protects only against IR vision. But OPV, low light and hearing is still something machines can use to locate you.

It seems to me that your idea is to considerably shorten the waiting out time and personally, i don’t like that.

Note: i also play with sneak tactics and i’m a solo sniper. Waiting extended periods of time just to get clear shot or waiting out machines disengagement are common parts of the sneak and snipe type of gameplay.
Removing the waiting part from sneak and snipe gameplay is like removing the running part from run and gun gameplay.

good idea, but i would suggest it would be a item like binoculars or grenades, usable only while active.
It should also seriously limit the view of your surroundings! :slight_smile:

And when 2 robots stand in opposing corners of house(s), they cover all sides. And there is no escape without detection. That way i say there is no escape from normal house. Only bunkers and some large structures might be enough you to slip undetected out, without using any decoys.

Just tried this, was hiding inside church in stairway to bell tower. Went AFK for 3-5min. When came back, my location was bombarded constantly with rockets by FNIX harvester. There was lvl 4 apo Hunter. But that was not in area when i went AFK.

I would make space blankets consumable item, rare one. So you would carefully choose where to use it. And these are optional, nobody is forced to use them. There are lots of different type of play styles.

I dont mind little waiting and setting up traps, or waiting robots go by.

Church’es bell tower offers sporadic cover from machine visuals and i’ve never been able to “wait it out” when being at there. Instead, near the organ or even at the 1st floor, crouched, is usually enough for machines to loose interest in me.