Spawning Reaper Help


Okay, personally I’m doing fine spawning Reapers; maintaining levels in the 20’s, keeping the Rivals down under 7.
However, I’ve got two friends who can’t seem to outpace the Rivals. They constantly spawn the 8th rival and have to destroy them, thus throwing them below level 20 etc.
I am at a loss to tell them how to manage–and YES they are killing the newest least experienced rivals when the region hits 8.

Thanks guys

Reaper not spawning

Good tactic is to level up region past 21, e.g to level 23 or so, and then kill the weakest Rival, so that region level doesn’t drop below 21. After that, there are good chances that Reaper spawns next.
For even better chances, max out the region level (25) and then kill one Rival to make room for Reaper. This way, region level should remain 23 or 24.


And that is my experience as well, but my two friends are (a recent example) at 20, rival 8 shows up, kill rival, drop to 18, new rival show up (back to 8), kill rival, down to 16…and (according to them) this repeats in the regions.
I don’t have this problem but I do know it takes some intensive search and destroy to level up—I’d be pretty frustrated if I started at 20 and rolled back beyond 14.


As Aesyle said… tell your friends to go past level 20… like 22 or 23, and then kill the least experienced rival. Better chance to spawn a Reaper and will not drop below 20.


There is no chance for Reaper to spawn below region level of 21. And even at 21, the chances are slim. So, better to level up region as high as possible before taking out 8th rival.


I’ll +1 the recommendation to get the region level above 21.

If your going to be trimming rivals to allow for a Reaper to spawn - starting the process at level 25, with 21981 XP is your best bet that way if you lose a rival - your still well in the threshold.


Ok, so a few hours ago I got my region level to 21. I only have four active rivals, and its been a while but the reaper isnt spawning. I have already gotten a normal rival that I assumed should have been the reaper but it was another hunter. Is there something I am missing? I did the whole thing in single player, I am playing on a very good PC. (laptop if that matters)


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