Special Ammo Recipe Cost

How happy are we with the cost of making special ammo, like the 9mm Corrosive, using/costing Uranium? It’s such a rare material and it’s so useful for resetting your skill sets. But it’s so rare as you ONLY get it with each level up. Which for me being over 35, is very rare now. It means making a batch of the special ammo is next to never!

May I suggest making it use another material that’s rare, but not as difficult to come across, like Tungsten or Titanium. Something that you stand a chance of finding on the field rather than waiting for a level up. I’m wanting to bring it to the machines of Himjfall, but it takes so long to make my ammo.

Just an idea, I was hoping that might sound good. Thanks all! :grinning: :+1:

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You’re talking about experimental ammo.
In the past you only got the receipes by doing base defenses (when there just was one base and no fnix bases).

You got uranium only by doing base defenses, too.

Now there are so many ways to get the rare uranium, but it’s still experimental ammo which should be limited by limited ressources.

You can get uranium

  • by doing base assaults,
  • by doing base defenses,
  • as reward for doing assignments and reaching “tank level” and
  • for each character level (normally just after lvl 31).

It’s intended that we should manage our ressources to be able to do what we like. We can’t just have everything at once.


You also get 1 or 2 pieces when destroy reapers and you don’t have to do base defenses, you can just destroy the fnix bases as they pop up and get uranium from them as reward.


Ahh, so there were other ways to get uranium. I’ve done base defenses and base assaults, do you get the uranium every time or is it a random roll of chance? I don’t remember getting it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t, I just don’t recall. Do you have to collect it from a particular type of unit, like the actual core, or do you just get because you beat the base?

I totally get it being something that you shouldn’t have all the time, or it would be taken for granted, I just wish that as for quickly as I use the exp. ammo, that I could make more if needed. It’s hard to stockpile uranium, but tungsten, I don’t have a lot of that, but enough that I can make some decent batches of the ammo. Of course, to make more with tungsten, I’d just go take out more big units. But to get the uranium, it just takes so much, to make only so little ammo. Maybe if it just made more with it? But it’s just an idea and if everyone else, is good with it, I just need to get better! LOL! :grin:

Don’t waste it on resetting your skills to much. And use it for ammo that has max effect on the machines. Then don’t use it on every single machine, just the ones that take more to destroy, like APOC machines.

I use my AG4 lvl 6 with the shock ammo on the final stage of a reaper. If it starts its self-destruction cycle then I will fire at it till it is destroyed. Normally doesn’t take but a mag or 2. So less than 100 rounds. That is about 4 pieces of uranium. Some I get back from the reaper and some I get from destroying a base or two.

You automatically get the uranium when you destroy a base or defend it. You have to loot it off the reaper.


I just would agree, that with the latest crafting revamp the numbers of bullets you get by crafting is very low compared to what it once was.

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Or even if we could dilute the Uranium to like say Depleted Uranium that would use another element and only a portion of Uranium instead of full strength.

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Im not satisfied with the low amounts of Uranium that we can get.
Specially considering we dont get much ammo from each time we craft it.

Honestly Uranium should be available to loot from areas with a very big machine presence…but besides the “spawn Fnix Bases” the devs never really created areas heavily fortified.
There are a few generator and mainframe areas but they have no defenses, getting Uranium from there would be super easy and mixing it with the looting pool from those big floor containers would diminish the Loot drops.

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The Devs could just add a piece or two of uranium to the weekly missions that pop up daily even after you do them every day. Then also add a piece or two when you recycle exp weapons. The Exp weapons have to be powered with something, why not uranium?

EDIT: It would also limit <25 skill level players from getting more uranium and then get more as they collect more exp weapons. Kind of a reward for playing the game longer than level 25.


As experimental ammo is crafted with uranium, why not rewarding us with a piece of uranium when recycling experimental weapons? Good idea. That give them a good new use.

For the weekly missions there could be a random one to destroy a uranium enrichment facility (apoc class defense units) which rewards us with some uranium.

The ideas are good. I personally have more uranium than I use/need. The opposite of what it was when we just got some for defending Tylöveden home base.

I just hope that it doesn’t become a ressource that we can find or get at every corner right from level 1. It is rare and it should stay rare.


&if so,then already…enrich,until…
Scalable down, suitable for mine mortars, half to almost critical…+ySv measuring device. With all this, bunker caverns could be created, which could be represented by rabotta jetters {work robots] as expanded mountain bunkers = Demarkationslimits without limits, but with foundations underneath.
concept/o.End :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m loving everyone’s ideas! I definitely don’t want to turn the game upside-down just to make rare things so easy to get, that it’s no longer fun for the challenge. I would just like some things balanced out either with the crafting or like Madchaser’s idea with the recycling and with JuanEyeJack even make the daily events for a reward of uranium. All in all, you guys have great ideas! I just wanted to throw something out there! Thanks, everyone and keep the ideas coming! :grin::+1:

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