Special Buidlings (stores, cafes, etc.)

A lot of people have (understandibly) been complaining about a lack of indoor variety. One was to adress this would be to give the grocery stores, cafes, kiosks, and so on that are already in the game an interior and let us enter them. This way you wouldn’t have to add new buildings or rearrange existing ones, and it would also resolve the issue of having huge buildings in towns that just can’t be entered for no apparent reason.


Yea and these building offer great amounts of loot, seeing as there aren’t many in towns to begin with. And if they add a hunger/thirst mechanic, then cafes would hold drinks of sorts, and grocery stores would have food, maybe also drinks. Or if they did implement this system, then those stores would be the only place you could get food and drinks from.

Lol maybe can’t enter said building coz ppl locked them b4 going a runner stops ppl looting there goods …!!

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