Specific bike model suggestions


In 1989 mountain bikes was the New and Hot. I got my first one in 1989. A purple CyclePro. Although that is of course personal to me, it is a very typical bike, and they came along the same insane colour schemes as skis, and skiing clothes so well presented in GZ.

Road bikes with thin wheels was also a Thing. (I traded my really crappy MTB for Crescent road bike after a year!!!)

Those who were too lazy to ride bikes, got a moped (“moppe”), in Sweden more specifically a Yamaha DT, 50ccm. They were limited to 30km/h, but by removing all the innards of the muffler, you could get a few km/h more, and by tweaking even more, you could make it go 50-60km/h. However, they were noise as hell!

My suggestions :

  1. Make these bikes/moped several crowns and not easily available
  2. Introduce an MTB, in horrible colours (authentic 1988 suggestions below), that are not fast, but move a little better in terrain.
  3. Introduce a road bike, that’s faster than the other bikes, but only rideable on paved roads. Make you fall off the second you leave the road!
  4. Introduce the Yamaha DT, make it slightly faster than the bikes, but really really noisy, so it attracts machines

I uploaded suggestion pictures to Pinterest


I’d second that. Bikes are enough IMO, I’m not in the car/truck/tank faction, but slightly improved driving physics, a few different models, and maybe some panniers for additional ammo storage would be nice.