Spiders too much damage to health

Prior to the latest update, I was satisfied with the lethality of the spiders, now if attacked they zap your health too quickly! I’m okay with the update spawning them in more locations but they are now too dangerous–this combined with the lack of replenishing ammo is beyond discouraging .


They userd to do WAY more damage, be happy they brought it down. Also, the start doing damage once they touch you. If you move back, it stops damaging you.

magpiemike I agree with you, they do 15 damage and attack you in the split second you enter a room. To be honest it is only annoying because the hit you even when you walk back out of the room. They respawn in the same building if your looting takes too long and often they do more damage than you find first aid kits in a building.
The intention was probably to make looting less boring but now its only annoying because you know that there is a Tick by its sound and the thread indicator.
I prefer the game before that change.


I’ve discovered that the tics usually Spawn in the first floor bathroom, or the kitchen if there isn’t a bathroom. Avoid these rooms and you will be fine

I don’t think ticks ever spawn upstairs

One thing that I always do when I notice a Tick inside a house? Shoot the power box from the outside, that destroys them everytime :smile:

Shhhhh… don’t say that out loud or they’ll remove it from the game because that’s not how it was intended to work.