Spiel crashes bei online Anmeldung (xbox game freeze)

Guten Tag,

Ich hatte heute im Spiel einen freeze. Seit dem crashed das Spiel jedes Mal sobald ich mich online anmelden will. Das heißt mein ganzer Account ist Schrott. 2 Chars auf max lvl, alle experimentellen Waffen die dlc alles kaputt. Ich kann überhaupt gar nicht mehr spielen…

Hi, could you please translate it in english, at least by google? It’s an english speaking forum.

Btw. Try to delete your local savegame and to start the game without it. Once it started, quit, restore your backup and try again.

You could also try to start the game while being offline.

On which system do you play?

I play on the xbox. I have already deleted all savegames and restarted. But every time I want to start the game and it connects to the server the game is automatically closed again.

I had a freeze in the game this morning. Since then it freezes every time I log in to the server. Savegames already deleted, but still no change. The game closes every time again

It works again. After I logged into my apex connect via cell phone and saw that my email was not verified. Can this be the reason?

I think, it can.since the last update there have been several problems regarding the apex connect account or connection (in my opinion).

I just was wondering if it even could help to delete the apex connect account by the way you logged in into it… Restart the game and connect register again. :man_shrugging:

The prob is back again. At every login freeze and then close the game an back to dashboard

I have now deleted the apex account and now it works again. Apparently it is exclusively due to the account

And I have a feeling that most of the other current issues (assignments,…) have the same reason.