Spiking the Guns Problem: Attention, Developers!

If players are actually following instructions that the AI gives as they go through this mission, they will be unable to complete the mission…except by accident, not on purpose. After you pick up all the information that you are supposed to inside this rabbit-warren of a tunnel maze, and after you get the power back on, and unlock access to the last part of the base, your instructions that the AI puts up on your HUD are, “Destroy the three batteries.” At no point are you instructed to destroy the three ticks overriding the batteries’ targeting computers, which is actually what your goal is. In point of fact, your goal is not to destroy artillery batteries—not three, nor two, nor even one.

The only reason I was able to complete this mission was because I followed a video online. Following the target icons in the game, looking for batteries to destroy, I was getting more and more and more frustrated. The HUD would show me that I was right at my destination, but there were no artillery batteries to destroy! Why is the AI not telling me to destroy TICKS?

Which AI gives you tasks/commands?!
The task is to stop the artillery working. No one knows, that there are just ticks which are responsible for the artillery shooting at friendly ships…
That’s something you find out while playing the mission.

When you start the mission, the 2nd objective is to find intelligence.

You find a transmission that the Torsberga Canons was firing on a friendly Ship the HMS Visborg.
You also find that Torsberga might have been compromised by some unknown enemy, and the Torsberga canons are malfunctioning or being controlled by the unknown enemy.

Then the last objective (for me at least) was Locate and Disable all three artillery batteries in Fort Torsberga. So not to destroy. That might have put you on the wrong idea, in thinking you needed to find the canons, in stead of finding the control room, and finding the cause of the malfunctioning. The Ticks.

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There is only one AI, and the AI does not ask you to target ticks; it says you must (repeating myself) destroy three artillery batteries, and artillery batteries are not ticks.

When I play the game, it does not say disable, it says destroy, and there is no clue provided that destroying the ticks “disables” (which I am not asked to do) the artillery batteries.

Oh, excuse me, but you missunderstood something.
No AI gives you any tasks.

You got this mission by the hq / warboard / resistance.

And here are the objectives:
-Locate Fort Torsberga
-Enter Fort Torsberga
-Find any intelligence about the attack
-Turn on the power in the fort
-Locate the command center
-Search for intel in the command center
-Unlock access to the fort’s Artillery Section
-Enter the coastal artillery bunker
-Locate and disable all three artillery batteries

My english is not good enough to give you an appropriate reply, but could you share a screenshot of what your game wants you to do?

If not directly while doing the mission, then the log should list all objectives.

If you view some of the video’s of people doing this mission, you will see that the objective to Disable the artillery is also visible on the top left of the game-screen, as well as in mission log.

Image taken from 7 month old video.