Split machines health status for "Spotting intel" skill

Hello Devs,

I’d like to say that I love your game and think you’re doing a great job. Therefore I want to contribute to make it better with my feedback and suggestions.

When you have the skill “spotting intel” (in german “Markierungsinfo”) and spectating a machine with your binoculares it shows its Status on the upper right hand corner. This is the summerized health of all its components.

I suggest that you differ between:
Status components: 100%
Status armor: 100%

The overall health status is often confusing because if you shoot a Tank for a few minuts and it just don’t want to go down and you check its Status. You will be quite suprised that it still has 80% of its health. But you will be even more surprised that with a few more shots it explodes.
Many players think it is a bug and it doesn’t show the machines actuall health. The problem here is, that the armor counts as health but you can kill the robot without even touching its armor.
So to help the players to better understand how to fight the machines it would be beneficial if you differ between component health and armor health.

Side note:
If you find the machines blueprint you will see the detailed status of each component.

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Ah so that’s what the problem is! Thought it was kinda strange. Thanks for the info and especially for the improvement suggestion :smiley: Hope the devs sees this :sunglasses:

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