Split Screen (this might’ve already been posted)

One of the things I really wanted since the start was split screen so that I could play with my brother so I didn’t have to spend another $50 on a separate copy. Please, and I know that if my wishes happen, it’ll be a while from now.

Please do this. ;.)


I also think this would be an awesome feature to add to the game. I would love to play it with a friend on the same console. It would be a alternative multiplayer choice for people who play offline.

You have my vote


The devs mentioned in the livestream from October 2nd that this is highly unlikely, since the game engine was never built for split screen in the first place. :man_shrugging:

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I would love a split-screen feature as well.

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Yes , but this doesn’t mean that the engine can’t do , but I aslo believe that it is unlikely to happen any time soon .

split screen would be amazing

Sooooo. This game has focused on the multiplayer aspect and some people I believe would like to play with friends at home and since it’s nearing Christmas I think friends would appreciate it. Also Some people aren’t able to afford or aren’t allowed to get live gold or PlayStation Plus.

Me and my brother would love to blow up some metal together, so would u guys consider split screen.

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Oh, man… Current generation consoles can barely run this game as it is.


And split screen is quite rare this days, most games don´t have it.
Don´t expect them to bring it for this game.


If people aren’t able to afford monthly paid subscription, just to play online on consoles - switch to PC. There is no additional cost for that on PCs.


But pcs themselves cost alot more ranging from hundreds to thousands

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Yes, but PC you can also upgrade (GPU, CPU, add storage space etc). With consoles, you can’t. And due to the upgrade ability, PCs can last for decades. And even when you go with new CPU-MoBo-RAM combo, many times, you can bring over your old components (PSU, storage drives, GPU, case), making the upgrade cost minimal.

Moreover, with PCs, you can do all, not just gaming.

Fair point but it’s worth a shot for trying at least especially with the power of these new consoles and to think of what the next 2 generations will be like?

When you buy a console, you are bound to the specific proprietary hardware it has. Sure, on launch day, it is fast and good but console turnover is 6-7 years. And in that time, you have to wait behind Micro$oft or Sony, before they launch next gen consoles.
While with PCs, you can upgrade whenever you want, without waiting behind no-one (except your wallet). Also, PC components turnover is about 1-2 years, meaning that in every 1-2 years, we get new next gen hardware (e.g CPU, MoBo, GPU).

Fair point but we can see what the Devs say, it’s just an idea that I see fit.

Yes I think split screen is something that would be the best, but I cannot afford xbox live gold or a pc

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Last I’ve heard about it, there were no plans for splitscreen, but I don’t know what they have in store for us


I think that split screen gsme Mode would be great idea

Probably been said a million times but yeah

When this game runs even on single player my PS4 sounds like it’s about to bloody explode, so they should probably optimize the game first before adding split screen

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