(Spoiler) Audio Log #6 on Himfjäll Island

Question: Can anyone tell me where Audio Log #6 is located on Himfjäll Island?? I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is!? :thinking:

Please check PM, sir.
PM’ed it to prevent spoilers.

Im sorry PM? So asking for the location of an audio log is a spoiler?!

It is basically the definition of a spoiler (publicly giving away an otherwise hidden information that is part of solving the game). Even if a minor one.

I’d just add spoiler to your title and it is fine to discuss openly.

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Audio log #6 location (click here to see it)

#6 audio log is Holberg’s log #3 and that is inside a car. That car is located inside FOA4 bunker, at the vehicle bay and you’ll need main mission called: “The Hellmouth” to gain access into there. FOA4 can be accessed even afterwards you’ve completed that mission.


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