[SPOILER] GZ 1st April Prank


Hello, fighters! :sunglasses:

Today is the 1st of April and we all know that we need to do not get pranked :muscle:

Maybe most of the you will find some news in the main menu. So, if you don’t want to get Rick Rolled, DO NOT CLICK ON IT!!!

Also, really fun prank, GZ Dev Team! :joy:

I wasn’t expecting for that :sweat_smile:


caught! :nauseated_face: lol

I can’t wait for this new expansion


Are there Megaticks in game?

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I loved the Prank.
And i like the song

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at first I thought the tick glitch was back, lol, the glitch were the harvesters & hunters keep pooping out ticks lol


Is the clip taking place in björntunet hotel partially? :sweat_smile:

we had this event already, remember back in the day when dead Harvesters & Hunters keep spawning thinking repeatedly lol

God blast it, there goes half the player base running in terror…

I was exposed to the Megaticks a few minutes ago. It was horrible and brought back so many memories of being caught by this phenomenon. It also upped my PTSD.

And that’s why I carry rockets on my character at all times. I usually save them specifically for the ticks.

I mean, I thought the small ticks were annoying. Make them the size of tanks and harvesters, and have them in swarms, it’s crazy rough. Lock and load the experimental rocket launchers, resistance! Come on you maggots, you wanna live forever?

Heck no, Rico’s Roughnecks, Rico’s Roughnecks, who’s Roughnecks?, Rico’s Roughnecks, lol

Where did you find the Megaticks? I really want to fight one :muscle:

I don’t think it’s an experience report.
There would have been tons of screenshots and footage about them, if they were true.

I can’t say too much, but here’s a hint;


Look for forests with blueberries in them. That’s where the Mega Tick may prowl.


the blueberries are only on islands we can’t get to

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I don’t know any blueberries ingame. Except maybe in my semlas. :man_shrugging:

But the location, where the one on the splash screen is, looks like the place where you find one of the glasses.


(western of rusaberget)

Thanks! I will try to find them! :+1: Hope I can get one! :slightly_smiling_face:

The 7* Experimental Möller finally dropped today. Was a tough nut to crack, but it was worth the 2-hour fight it took since the Mega-Tick jumped across entire regions. Also dropped a T-shirt apparel item that says “All I got was this lousy T-shirt” on it.


This is a very silly thread.