(Spoilers) Ending makes no sense


Okay so yesterday I finished gen 0 and the ending make zero sense. Okay who the heck was on the intercom, who was the one who blew the bunker sky high, and the origin of the robots was only vaguely specified. He said this is where I was born but I am not here. Please Graham I need answers. Also I must say that the only part of the story that actually felt like it wasn’t copied and pasted was the end, inside the big boom bunker.


As far as i understand after completing behind the curtain;
The one on the intercom was the doctor that invented a neural uplink program, you find out more about him in other story missions. The “Russians” did, they stab you in the back at the end and expect you to explode with the whole facility. And i like it being kept a little ambiguous as to where the robots came from. Personally, the ending was great and opens the doors for this game as oppose to closing them but i can get how people could get to the end and not be completely satisfied with it.


But was there a reason they wanted to kill a ramdom collage student.


I think it’s a general kill organics order. Or anything that is not deemed a friendly. Overall I liked the ending given it allows for continuation of the narrative. I appreciate that the story allows for the reader / player to draw their own conclusions and doesn’t do what a lot of games do and close the door to future content, then have to shoehorn in a reason for additional story later down the road.


Okay I agree but it is a little overkill to lure a single person there and just blow the whole place up.


Lol, well I can’t argue with that. I was definitely like “WTF” at that point. :joy: Still it did look pretty epic for a final scene.


Yeah it looked pretty cool but I hoped we would be fighting some big overpowered version of the tank for a final boss :joy:


I reckon once all the initial fixes are done, we will get some kind of giant boss content. Well, that’s my hope at least.


Yeah I also hope for some more guns. I was really happy when they gave us the special rocket launcher after the bridge mission


They have confirmed new weapons will be coming, and new mobs. Machine weapons would be cool, or craftable weapons from scavenged parts


Yeah and I feel more customizing for the guns and maybe base building in the future. Would be cool


My personal head canon is that they didn’t expect ANYONE to survive, so this college student running around killing all their robots everywhere wasn’t expected, so maybe they just tried to trick us the moment we opened up radio contact enough. but you’re right it is total overkill :joy:


I wish they hadent made the entire story just you just running all over to different bunkers.