(Spoilers) Ending makes no sense

Okay so yesterday I finished gen 0 and the ending make zero sense. Okay who the heck was on the intercom, who was the one who blew the bunker sky high, and the origin of the robots was only vaguely specified. He said this is where I was born but I am not here. Please Graham I need answers. Also I must say that the only part of the story that actually felt like it wasn’t copied and pasted was the end, inside the big boom bunker.


As far as i understand after completing behind the curtain;
The one on the intercom was the doctor that invented a neural uplink program, you find out more about him in other story missions. The “Russians” did, they stab you in the back at the end and expect you to explode with the whole facility. And i like it being kept a little ambiguous as to where the robots came from. Personally, the ending was great and opens the doors for this game as oppose to closing them but i can get how people could get to the end and not be completely satisfied with it.

But was there a reason they wanted to kill a ramdom collage student.

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I think it’s a general kill organics order. Or anything that is not deemed a friendly. Overall I liked the ending given it allows for continuation of the narrative. I appreciate that the story allows for the reader / player to draw their own conclusions and doesn’t do what a lot of games do and close the door to future content, then have to shoehorn in a reason for additional story later down the road.

Okay I agree but it is a little overkill to lure a single person there and just blow the whole place up.

Lol, well I can’t argue with that. I was definitely like “WTF” at that point. :joy: Still it did look pretty epic for a final scene.

Yeah it looked pretty cool but I hoped we would be fighting some big overpowered version of the tank for a final boss :joy:


I reckon once all the initial fixes are done, we will get some kind of giant boss content. Well, that’s my hope at least.

Yeah I also hope for some more guns. I was really happy when they gave us the special rocket launcher after the bridge mission

They have confirmed new weapons will be coming, and new mobs. Machine weapons would be cool, or craftable weapons from scavenged parts

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Yeah and I feel more customizing for the guns and maybe base building in the future. Would be cool

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My personal head canon is that they didn’t expect ANYONE to survive, so this college student running around killing all their robots everywhere wasn’t expected, so maybe they just tried to trick us the moment we opened up radio contact enough. but you’re right it is total overkill :joy:

I wish they hadent made the entire story just you just running all over to different bunkers.

But isnt kinda strange, dozens of soldiers well trainned all dead, and a guy in his 19/25 years old are the rambo of that time xDD

FNIX didn’t think you had survived at first after sinking your boat, and the fact that you did appears to have piqued it’s curiosity. Given the monologues near the end, I suspect that it either wants you around for some specific purpose, or is just bored and finds you interesting.

Wasnt it FNIX who was talking to you at the end? The AI that was unwanted created (born) when the doctor wanted to make neural link and started the brain scan with his own brain.
FNIX also said, that he created you. Because you would have stayed an ordinary guy without the robocalypse he created.
Was the bunker exploding because you put the emp device down there?
At the end where you almost leave the bunker, I thought that a insainly huge robot was smashing on the bunker but that does not makes too much sense. I guess FNIX send a robot that picked you up and carryed you away from the danger zone.

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The story stems from a dying dr with HIV. He worked in neural science. They were studying animal science with robotics engineering. Creating a semi-independent thinking robot the military can use command instead of wasting their own people’s lives. The dr imported his consciousness into the system with the help of other science officials that worked with him of one of we learn is a female dr who was wishy washy of doing it.
He gets into the system as a living Ai. Basically if you have ever seen lawn mower man at the end he was able to get into the main system. The Russians are semi helping because they realize the situation. They sent an attack on the base with your help thanks to you un jamming communications. That’s what I understood

What threw me off is what the dr mentions about you. I almost thought I was a D.A.R.Y.L. If anyone has watched that movie. I don’t know anyone that can do what our toon is doing.

Biggest mystery to me is where did the majority of the people go. I get the impression they were herded and turned into machines. Unless they duplicate the consciousness of the animals.

While that is a significant mystery, there’s not really any evidence that most of the population didn’t evacuate. Most of the accounts you find of other survivors are of military personnel, or people directly involved with the civilian side of the civil defense contingency planning. In other words, the most likely people to stay behind to ensure that everybody else gets safely evacuated. There are a couple of accounts of people who aren’t military or law enforcement and aren’t directly involved with the civil defense planning, but most of them look (to me at least) like they’re from right as things started. We can be pretty certain that there’s nobody left on the islands we can get to but the players (it’s just too unlikely given the total size of the area that you wouldn’t run into any other people at all), but there might be survivors on some of the islands we can’t get to.

Personally though, I’m more interested in why Russia is helping you here and not NATO. NATO is mentioned in passing as part of one of the communications for one of the last missions (forget if it’s the absolute last or second to last) as being ‘aware’ of the situation, but the ‘help’ is from Russia. It’s not like Sweden and Russia have really gotten along all that well historically though, and from what I understand, especially in the late 80’s, Russia was seen as the primary threat in Scandinavia in general, not just Sweden. I mean, Sweden isn’t a NATO member (they’re part of the PfP program, but didn’t join until May of '94), but they’ve pretty consistently aligned with Western interests since WWII.

Given this, I suspect there’s something more going on here, and that Russia is a true third-party here, not really on your (or Sweden’s) side.


@ahferroin7 I’m curious to see the involvement that Russia and to see what Nato will be in any dlc. Your right I know the player won’t or shouldn’t now be on side with Russia after they nearly kill the player in an act of collateral damage with the attack on the base with the last mission. But the way I get it the bridge was the last option for most people to the north and it was the first to go. All other traffic by way of boat/ship/ferry chances aren’t possible. I’d like to know how and what could take them out on the water. Maybe that will be explain by adding island travel we will see a sea bot lol. I assume everyone is dead or maybe a few made it main land and island like you said. I hope I made sense since I’m about to call it a night. Using a phone is terrible at times for me.

I had a thought that maybe Fnix was able to manipulate military into the evacuation and that was help herd the people into a single place where he can get all the people at once.
This maybe another thing about the people that maybe they needed to transfer the peoples conciousness into the machines before they were able to get concious. And the first strike machines may have been some test subjects and the machines we now fight are the people of the island :slight_smile:

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