[SPOILERS] The End Game

I’ve beaten the final quest, and it was underwhelming. You walk up to the computer, listen to a short monologue, place the Russian device- and that’s basically it.

There’s no boss fight, no moral conundrum, no world changing revelation- there’s not even any loot. There’s just nothing.

Now I know the team that built this was small, but it would have been nice if there was something there, and I can think of a few things off the top of my head:

Boss fight: a souped-up hunter, with the guy’s voice (he’s now directly controlling that machine)
Moral dilemma: he offers you a choice: either kill him and be rewarded by ‘them’, but remain a soldier in an endless war (back at the boat is an awesome RPG, or some other unique weapon) or let him live and he will share with you his secrets (this could be a number of things, unlocking additional safehouses/bunkers/etc, higher level targeting on the machines, a device that makes adrenaline shots on a periodic basis, the ability to fast travel to any marked location, a loot chest in that bunker with top tier mods…)
Revelation: All of the missing people are now in the machines, but it’s driven them mad. The Russians sabotaged the Swedish experiment, turned the machines against, and are now planning to invade (once you do the grunt work of destroying them all (there’s another dilemma- wipe out the machines and risk a Soviet invasion, or learn to adapt to this new world, knowing that the machines trying to kill you is the lesser of two evils (this doesn’t happen, but it could set up a sequel))

And that’s just me giving it a few minutes thought. So if you’ve got something planned to flesh this out, I hope it’s coming, and soon. As it stands it’s like the last page is missing from the book.


I like the idea of the people being put in the machines. Alot of games that have no npcs and feature the protagonist as the sole survivor end up having to answer the same question; what happened to all the people? I do wish that was expanded on a bit more in-game. An endgame featuring some definitive answers would have been nice.