**SPOILERS** Thoughts on the story as a whole

So, just finished ‘Behind the Curtain’ yesterday evening, and having thought a little, I have to say that while the ending does feel anticlimactic as others have stated (although I loved the almost Portal-like vibe I got as I was sneaking into FOA 53, and loved also that FNIX started out running on a Cray), I don’t exactly think that’s bad. I actually feel it fits kind of well given that little, if anything, changes, and the whole state of affairs feels to me like it’s supposed to be set up for a continuing story (which makes sense, since the devs seem to want to do lots of DLC for the game).

I’m curious to hear what anybody else who’s finished the story thinks about it. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Anything you feel is nagging still that might make for a good DLC (other than FOA 2, because that’s so obviously supposed to be for a raid boss that it’s not even funny)?

I rather liked the story. At the beginning I was afraid that simply the Russians or the Chinese could be the real ennemies behind the robots, but I was eventually reassured the plot was more complicated, with partial similarities to New Vegas. I appreciated some psychological elements like Svante von Ulmar’s motivations. And the storytelling manner, not explicit and leaving some aspects hidden, unexplained, to be conjectured. The @Zesiir’s summary was useful for me.
However, clearly the storyline is rather short, logically suited better to an FPS than to an RPG, and waiting for further developments. (excuse my English)

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It seems that the story is set up for expansion. Once you get to the bottom of it, you end up with more questions. It’s subtle, not too overblown and I really enjoy it.