Sprint/Crouch Issues (Unable to sprint after getting off bike)

Hello everyone and Avalanche Studios,

There are two bugs I have been consistently encountering that has cost me several adrenaline shots. I have been encountering these bugs since the latest patch.

  1. When getting off the bike for whatever reason I cannot sprint. My character is stuck walking until I jump. When entering combat after getting off a bike one can see where the issue lies.

  2. When crouching through a tree the player gets stuck in the crouched position until out from under the tree and repeatedly pressing space to jump. Pressing crouch does not get the character out of the crouched position.

Both of these issues have been consistently happening and are aggravating when they are the cause of your death.

If any of you have been encountering these bugs please like this post so Avalanche sees it. If you have further details about recreating these bugs please comment below.
~ Vatruvius

Edit: Further playing has revealed that aiming down sights for weapons with any type of optic results in the permanent walk until space is pressed, then the player can sprint again.

For the sprinting issue, just to note that that’s not only after getting off a bike.
Steps to reproduce :

  1. Start sprinting
  2. Swap weapons - items between slots 1-7 (any) WHILE sprinting
    OR 2) Enter aim mode while sprinting (with or without scope, it’ll produce the bug either way)
  3. Either only the animation will fail, or the whole sprinting no matter if you press SHIFT multiple times, your character will just walk. The only way to start sprinting again is to either let go of every key and then start moving again (not convinient while in combat), and when that doesn’t work, you have to jump to break your character free from the bug.

New here so sorry if this is the wrong place.

Want to report a bug on PS4 where the sprint function stops working all together. Appears to happen after getting off a bike or changing appearance. Can confirm items are below max weight limit. Sprinting audio works when aiming and using the sprint toggle but no movement, unable to beat some of the robots due to this and Having to walk everywhere is getting tedious. Can this be looked at for the next bug fix please, many thanks!

Merged threads, since they seem to concern the same issue.


I want to confirm a similar bug as well that’s on Xbox One X, the first night my friend and I played after this latest patch, my sprinting became permanently disabled after a while even though I was way underweight (52 out of 80). From the other person’s perspective, I was doing the sprinting animation, but moving at regular walking speed. I have not encountered this bug in two subsequent nights so perhaps it related to the weapon equip bug and once I “fixed” my weapons it resolved my bug?

Hey all :wave: @Vatruvius @Jamesypuds @MachineHunter

IF affected by the sprinting issue (being unable to sprint), please see my comment linked below:

We are looking for more information and PC save files in an effort to get to the bottom of this issue and fix it and your help would be much appreciated!

Thank your time and thanks for reporting :pray: