Stalled Base Defense Mission Wave

Playing on PC:
Started a base defense mission at Ravinen
In first wave a mine blew up several bots and two were left one wandered off and disappeared. The other I chased down and killed.
The wave did not progress,or complete, and remained stalled sending no more bots. It still showed the wave as in progress.
I then tried to reset it by leaving the area, but when I returned it said mission failed and the control center was demolished and gives the option to abandon or claim with 10 points I don’t have.
It still shows I have 6 of 6 possible bases claimed in the farmlands.
What should I do?

Got this excat problem in sama place. If base defence mission get stuck, it is just lost machine somewhere.

Solved my problem throwing flares around and listening the machine attack sounds. Then it is just matter of little searching and found the lost machine in woods.
Same has happened in the original first base build area also. Machine was just standing in starting point.

I will try that next time, but what should I do now?

  • Abandon and retake that base
  • abandon and retake a different base in Farmlands
  • Take a base in another region (already have 6 in Farmlands)

I dont much build bases. But you could try abandon & retake same place. Ravine control point is really nice base location. Machines come only certain direction, and easy to cover them by gun placements.