Start a new game with new character

I found out about generation Zero by a friend. He is super helpful and helped me alot in the game by giving me weponds, helping me with missions etc.
But now i want to start a new character and start from 0. No weponds, no loot. Absolutley nothing just to play through the storyline without any help and weponds, safehouse and so on.

I have 2 worlds now with 4 charachters. When i start a new world i get one of those characters with theire weponds and stats, level and etc.
How do i just start from the begining without anything at all?

Delete one character. There are just 4 slots.
But even then there is no complete fresh start. The plundra always is shared, like the schematics are.

I took one character and moved everything from my plundra in his inventory and then started a new character in a new world.

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Delete your save files and you are ready to go.

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With the addition of 4 game worlds, I was honestly very disappointed to find out that these 4 worlds were still shared.

The very least I would ask for, is the ability to keep all my progress in world 1, and be able to start completely fresh by creating another world.

When you create a new world, you should get the choice to either import your Plundra and schematics from an existing world, like it is today. Or you could choose to start fresh with nothing shared, like creating a new save file.

This annoys me greatly…

This is my honest opinion, and I don’t mean to be negative here. But seriously, can anyone give me one single reason why it makes sense to have 4 connected worlds, instead of being able to separate them? :thinking:


I totally agree.
There are a lot things that need a review.
Like that no mission progress is safed, if you play as guest.
Why? Because the game doesn’t know where to save it.
Why? Because we’re not able to select a world and a character if we just follow an invitation or join a random game.

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How does this work with Steam cloud to remove the gemefiles?

give youreself an challenge and don’t use crafting,plundra or apparel crafting. in old times we didnt have any craftiing stuff and its fair. because maybe you already know where the components are from runners,hunters,harvester,tanks and other classes. so if you make yourself harder youre making it equal! thats the best choice i can give.

ive done it one time and it was hard! it sopposed to be hard. so go on try it!