Started seeing hitmarker sparks mid fight at range

So I was sniping a Mili-tank in the farmlands just now, it was walking away from me. Usually I see the components break, explode or fall off after a few shots but no hitmarkers. This time I went for the fuelcell first, no markers and it blew like usual but later on I started seeing hitmarks at around 300m…

Has anyone else noticed changes in the drawdistance for hitmarkers?

edit Maybe I didnt word it correctly or you guys didnt read it correctly… :wink:

What I’m seeing IS sparks showing at around 300m, coming from nowhere in the middle of a fight. I’ll keep an eye out next time and try and replicate at range.
My thought were that maybe the devs are tampering with added drawdistance but it might also just be a one off glitch.

Here is a clip to better show it, sparks start at 50sec into the fight.

Yes. Beyond a certain range the damage will still be done, but you will not see the shower of sparks. You will see pieces like machine guns, tick pods, or mortars fall off.

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Yeah that’s normal for me to. The “sparking” animation is just to far away to render for us.