Starting Area after May Update Feedback

I startet with my second Character on the first Area and ran around the complete Area to see what the Devs made “new” for beginners. Before it was empty and there was nothing to find, now you can find new things like:

  • a Grave with a Cross and a Dead Soldier next to it with a book that looks like a bible
  • multiple Military Camps with tents and other stuff. More crashed vehikles and Cars on the streets
  • a few hunters added on the first Area, most of them dont move or stuck and are easy to kill
  • battle tracks everywhere like a Destroyed Harvester in the River near Saltholmen, or a Swedish Tank and a Harvesterr that killed each other.
  • many dead Soldier, that shows us that there were intense fights and the enemy is pretty tough
  • I think the Camping lights are also new, they guide you to the top of the hill and into the castle
  • Destroyed fighting jets on the fields
  • It looks the 4-5 runners in front of the first church dont spawn anymore, only with a pistol they are challenging for beginners

Thank you Devs for adding stuff like that, this makes the game feel better and we can discover other regions once again

I am looking forward for more stuff