Starting Game Cut Scene

I was thinking maybe when you first load the world instead of just spawning on the dock there could be a short cut scene when the four friends are heading to the spot where you spawn. The camera on the scene could be pointed into the boat where you see the friends chatting. As they get closer like maybe viewing distance of the shoreline the camera turns to look at where they will eventually put the boat but as they start to get closer you hear gun shots and the camera pans over to look at the concrete pier/dock where you see some prototype runners attacking to people. maybe they people are military or maybe police or maybe just people trying to get to a small boat at the concrete pier/dock. the runners shoot and kill them and then run away to the direction of one of the first spots you meet the prototype runners. the camera could then after panning to follow the runner the return back to the friends in the boat where they all have worried looks on their faces.


Let me formally welcome you to the forum, sir, and thank you for posting this idea.

I truly love this idea.
MAYBE more cutscenes could be used to give a wee background to the story (battles, the evac, …) so we learn the stuff behind the game as we have.

Sir Reaper said:
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it sets the mood”
…on Discord, and by Jove… this is SO true…
Not just informational… but atmosperic…

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Cinematics was asked in one of the dev streams. Devs answer is at 00:57:28,


WOW, nice, thank you so much, miss. :slight_smile:
VERY kind of you.

You’re welcome.

Though, in some other dev stream, same question was answered a bit more in-depth but i can’t remember which dev stream it was nor the timestamp. I’ve only began to timestamp the latest few dev streams.