Starting new game

I’ve created new characters. When I go into the game, I have nothing in my inventory and it starts me where it should, but all the missions still show up as completed.
How do i reset the missions so I can play thru them again?
I’m on Xbox one.

Did you delete all your old characters? I think that’s supposed to reset your progress. Not sure though.

Is there anyway to access/delete your save data from the Xbox itself, like you can on PS4?

You can go to storage device on the xbox and select gz then you can delete your save data and that will delete all your progress

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You HAVE to delete your save file? No other way? No multiple save files?
I saw an option to delete character. Maybe that will remove the savefile.
I was afraid this was the answer. Hoping I was missing something.
And yes I can delete my saved data thru my games.

I suppose you can delete all characters. That might restart the story and possibly keep plundra stuff??

Yes, unfortunately the only way to start completely fresh is to delete your save data. Every character shares the same world and progress otherwise.

I’ve heard that deleting every character might let you start fresh as well, but that’s just a different way of losing everything.